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Use GloBugs on these and other applications: Road Construction and Maintenance, Search and Rescue, Parties and Special Events, Mining, Flagger stations, Disaster Relief, Emergency Repairs, Landscaping, Farming and Agriculture, Forensic Lighting


Multiquip Glo-Bug
Multiquip Glo-Bug

Multiquip introduces LED technology to our line of GloBugs. LED bulbs are safer, producing significantly less heat than Metal Halide bulbs while offering better color consistency and a long operating life.

  • Superior Lighting Properties - Color consistency is near perfect, with better color rendering and overall quality 

  • Shock resistant LED assembly - Protects the lamps and water resistant 

  • Long life hours, low maintenance - Up to 40,000 hours of operating life per bulb 

  • Safer; LED holds less heat - LED Lamps (158°) vs.Metal Halide (422°) 

  • Optional illuminance settings - 3-stage dimming controls (100W, 200W, 300W) 

  • Safe, convenient operating process - Instant start and restarting 

  • Environmentally, economically smart - LED reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions up to 85% 

  • Flexible set-up options- Two position Tri-Pod stand, 2 Stage (gas assist) vertical mast assembly


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